Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Cross Strength Ministries: Faith & Fitness | Go-Fund-Me

If you have ever heard Pastor David Ashley preach or been through any of his metabolic intensity or strength and condition trainings, you know how extensive his knowledge and understanding is.

If you have read Pastor David Ashley’s book: The Ten Repetitions of Cross Strength: How to be a Body-builder like Jesus,” then you understand his wisdom in designing programs that encompass the essentials of biblical doctrine and the science of exercise – that have shown through empirical evidence of improved cognitive functioning, marital satisfaction and improved relationship commitment – including sociological, interpersonal, familial, as well as workplace relationships – all through improving spiritual and personal strength.

Both religiosity and fitness have been empirically documented to show a dramatic increase in the completion of offender programming and a dramatic decrease in the recidivism rate (re-offending).

David Ashley, a/k/a: The Pastor of Pump, has over 30 years as a personal trainer before receiving his Masters of Apologetics followed by his Master of Divinity. His wife, Holly, holds a Master’s in forensic psychology 35 years working in domestic violence and is a published researcher and an expert in family violence. Together, they have designed programming to include sibling abuse, youth delinquency, adolescent criminal behavioral modification, adult batterer intervention programming, and prison reentry for both men and women.

(Just a note: We also have programming that includes counseling and support groups for men and women victims of violent crime, sexual assault, human trafficking, and addiction recovery – these programs do not mandate the fitness program, although it is available to all clients FREE of charge).

To begin this faith and fitness program in our new location of Mt. Juliet, TN, we need to purchase a full gym of equipment – And we have found a gym that needs to sell their equipment – for $50,000, and we can get the entire lot.

We don’t want to low-ball anyone suffering from COVID shutdowns, so we will not go any lower than his asking price.

So actually – You’re helping all kinds of people by contributing! We appreciate you and your donations!

Help Spread the Word! https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/faith-and-fitness-ministry1/hollyashley

Source: Cross Strength Ministries: Faith & Fitness | Created by Holly Ashley

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