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Oh? Did I type that outloud?

“Go in peace, be warm…”

Trying to navigate the whole ordeal was beyond “stressful”. She had never felt such anxiety. Her heart literally hurt from the weight of it all. The horrible night’s sleep didn’t … Continue reading

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The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge. (Proverbs 1:7). As a domestic violence advocate and counselor – and in the wake of such violence across our nation… … Continue reading

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Todd Starnes: And the Devil Smiled | Todd Starnes

(This is a transcript of the Todd Starnes Radio Commentary first broadcast on Feb. 15, 2018) Another American high school has been turned into a killing field. And the nation … Continue reading

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I just want to enjoy the Christmas season…

“I just want to enjoy the Christmas season,” I said. ““See some lights, go to some parties, cook some great, fattening food, and celebrate Jesus,” I complained. But it seemed … Continue reading

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Respectfully his.

My husband deserves respect. Not just mine, but yours as well. Because I respect my husband, I demonstrate my love for him through my actions, by my choice of words, … Continue reading

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#Giving Tuesday : Step into the shoes of a victim…

“For it is not an enemy who taunts me – then I could bear it; it is not an adversary who deals insolently with me – then I could hide … Continue reading

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Laws don’t protect. They simply reveal.

Sexual assault, exploitation, corruption, domestic violence, murder, assault, you name it. It’s all sinful behavior and it has all be condemned by the government legislators to protect the public from … Continue reading

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Prayer Doesn’t Work?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
This is heavy stuff, I shall try to lighten it up a bit, but the recent church shooting and tragedy…

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November 2 – My Brother’s Keeper

Source: November 2 – My Brother’s Keeper

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Spiritual Hospice…

When someone is given a diagnosis of a fatal disease whereby there is no cure, one of the benefits of Medicare is Hospice – or palliative care. What that means … Continue reading

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