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Oh? Did I type that outloud?

Empowering Women

We empower women by proclaiming the Gospel message given to us by God Almighty. The God of the Bible, who is not the idol we have made in this world and call the “god of love.”
No – that is not empowerment – that is slavery. Slavery to sin – empowering those who continue to keep sinning with the belief that it will be overlooked without consequence.

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The husband is head of his wife, just as Christ is head of the church. Therefore if any man desires to be a husband (leader of the home) he is … Continue reading

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This is What Enables Evil to Hide in Our Churches | A Cry For Justice

Written by Jeff Crippen: A Cry for Justice In the ministry you will encounter someone who will dislike you for no good reason. And that person can be one of … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Book your speaker, get informed.

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Source: Coward

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I hate cowards. People that stand behind the wall of anonymity and accuse, trying to humiliate or shame someone into their false doctrine of little c-Christianity. So to you  “Standing … Continue reading

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The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence – The Washington Post

As if we needed further proof that domestic violence is nothing more than domestic terrorism. The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic Violence By Mark Berman … Continue reading

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Church – YOU DID IT!

Apparently the memorial for Lynn Messer scheduled for tomorrow at First Baptist Church Festus, Crystal City has been CANCELLED! Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the … Continue reading

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Lynn Messer case: Kerry not cleared

Originally posted on Spiritual Battles:
I’ve been hearing from several people who have received communication from Kerry Messer this week regarding the memorial for his deceased wife, Lynn. They  are…

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Wolves in Shepherds Clothing: Justice for Lynn Messer and Victims of Abuse everywhere.

In case you missed it – I wanted to re-post this. Especially since the “memorial” is being held this Sunday – and event that cannot go on without protest! Let … Continue reading

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