Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Wanted: Real Man… preferably Alive!

In search of a “Real Man.”

In search of a real man…

For years I have been in search of that certain “love of my life,” that “Man’s Man” one that is strong in his outward strength, yet one that is emotionally strong enough to be gentle & loving towards me because he understands & appreciates That I am the weaker vessel – yet a gift to be treasured… (please note the emphasis…. because it’s important!)

For years I have been enduring, long suffering, patient, kind – not always the perfect wife, but I did strive to be. I was obedient to the point of almost certain death, obedient and submissive to the addictions of pornography, drugs, alcohol, emotional and physical abuse, violent outbursts of anger- all in the name of being what they deemed as a “man of God.” A “Man’s Man,” “Tough..” well, you understand… the problem was I bought into it and basically sold myself into slavery – not just once… I’m pretty stubborn, I did it to myself over and over and over and over…. Well, you get the picture….

Finally, I listened to what God said and for the first time in my life I actually heard it: “Be obedient.” That is not to be: enabling or tolerant of deviant, immoral, illegal or unbiblical behavior, it means to be obedient and submissive… So what was I missing? Duh! I was missing the “Man” part!

A woman, being obedient and submissive is not a punishment. It is a guideline with a promise… It is a yardstick with which to measure your “man.” If you can not be obedient and submissive while you are dating- then don’t marry him.

If you find the one that makes you sit up and take notice because he is so passionate about Christ and dedicated to serving him – that you stand in awe of his presence, one that holds you to a higher standard because he finds you “worthy to be called blessed,” one who prays with you, loves you, holds you, respects you even to the point of accountability… then by all means necessary- take my advice- DO NOT let that one get away… (Been there, done that one too…).

I finally realized the man I wanted was not a strong willed man- it was a man who was strong enough to let God shred his will. The man I wanted was not a man who stood proud- but one who proudly stood in the shadow of Christ- with all boldness and strength of his master and submitting to His will.

I also found that I did not want a man who talked the talk- but in reality was dressed in “Spiritual drag,” I did not want a she-man Christian man! I wanted a man who was strong enough, bold enough, tough enough to claim his place in the kingdom by laying down his life for his Lord’s will. Not to be submissive to me- and what “I” thought… where in the Bible did the Disciples ever tell Christ they had to go check with the wife?

Yes, I have run the gammit of all kinds of boys trying to live life as a man, and it was only when I was searching for a place to serve where I heard about a program for men I had to listen… and wow! Was I totally blessed! Their leader is a true man of God. And I hope this will find itself into his hands- because his messages are amazing and the truth God speaks through him is so inspiring to women like me who are awaiting those true men to come into our lives and lead us, guide us, direct us – those men who will love us enough to let us love them, provide a home for them, be obedient to them and submissive to them- safely and securely because they are men who are guided by the Master and would NEVER bring us harm or allow us to live in fear. (there’s the promise of following the command of obedience and submission: LOVE – true, unconditional, Christ-like love….  Just incase you were looking for it…:-)

If the men would take this leader’s advice and heed this truth as it is presented… let alone-commanded– their lives would change- and if the men in this group and the men at this church and the men of this world only knew how immensely attractive, sexy and just down-right “HOT” a “Sword-wielding” man of faith who “strives to learn what is right so they can do what us right because it is right… To learn Gods Word to do Gods will for Gods glory… So they can do the right thing the right way for the right reason.” What that kind of Christ-centered man does to a Christian woman…. Holy cow!! I can guarantee the men with ½ a brain would line up around the building to get in and receive this truth! And those who don’t…? Who cares!

To listen to the pod cast of Iron Sharpens Iron, Please click here:http://www.aisiministry.org/10546/blog/blog_id/213978/Podcasts

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