Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

A reminder or an idol?

America has become the land of the offended. The cross is only a symbol used as a ‘reminder’…

“Atheist group must better explain to court how the cross at Ground Zero is offensive: See video here: http://video.foxnews.com/v/3635928063001

First of all, it is our responsibility to be the”reminder” to teach those next generations truth of history and what that cross symbolizes… And that responsibility goes to the extent of making sure we are teaching it at home, in our schools and therefore we must vote like minded politicians into office.

The problem is that the cross means something different to everyone – As as a Christian, I will say that I could care less if there is a cross at Ground Zero – or anywhere for that matter…

Today’s “American christian” needs to not worship the symbol, or lean on the symbols to lead people to Christ… We are to share the Gospel, not the watered down Gospel either – but the Truth and that in and of itself will be offensive and for that we will be persecuted – but we are NOT to excuse our responsibility with a symbol or traditions of men. Or to stand in its shadow… hoping the message will be heard…

The cross is a gross reminder of what Jesus did to pay our sin-debt, but the glory is the empty tomb… and we don’t see that anywhere, so what good is the cross without the empty tomb?

Until the ‘christian’ of today become the Christians who serve Christ, nothing “symbolic” means anything to anyone- because it is nothing but another idol.


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