Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

“Therefore be alert!”

Former Mars Hill Resurgence Director Mike Anderson apologizes for his role with Mars Hill Church:

“I spent the decade after high school in single-minded devotion to a church movement that started at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I’m now very sorry for my participation.”

– See more at: http://mikeyanderson.com/hello-name-mike-im-recovering-true-believer#sthash.Jo0jVKrv.dpufhttp://mikeyanderson.com/hello-name-mike-im-recovering-true-believer

David and I helped to plant the Arizona Mars Hill-Phoenix church and just could not do it. We had to leave – and after doing so contacted the then pastor, Ryan Welsh who wrote back a scathing response to me – letting me know that we were not qualified to be leaders – let alone leaders at their church… to which I would have to agree… that would be to deny the gospel, to which my well versed seminary post-grad husband and I are most definitely not able or willing to do.

Ryan is now the Pastor of Theology and Discipleship in Seattle. He will be teaching at the new Mars Hill Schools as well as writing for The Resurgence and teaching and training our leaders and pastors across all of our Mars Hill locations.



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