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Carrying the Cross for Redemption: October is domestic violence awareness month.


Cross Strength Ministries founder, David Ashley aka: The Pastor of Pump, will be taking up the cross of domestic violence and walking throughout Wilson County, TN., to raise awareness and money for Redemption House — a crisis intervention ministry, counseling/resource/referral center and refuge for high-risk families and victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. softedges.croppedWilson County is one of the fastest growing Counties in Tennessee and does not have a refuge for victims of domestic violence.  Tennessee is ranked the fourth highest in domestic violence homicides and nearly 10% of these homicides are committed by    juveniles.  85% of all homicides occur after the victim leaves her abuser.

We must give them a safe place of refuge.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  • Domestic violence impacts the entire community— costing society over 6 billion dollars each year, 
  • Costing business owners 8 million dollars each year in paid sick time, and offenders are 42% more likely to be late for work. 
  • Children who are exposed to domestic abuse are 1500 times more likely to become abusive or victims of violence in their adult life. 
  • Sibling rivalry (the most reported form of domestic violence and #1 cause of injury to children) leads to bullying and being bullied in school. 1 in 5 teens say they have been hit, kicked, slapped, and/or punched by their boy/girlfriend.
  • Domestic Violence has been a factor in every mass shooting in America.

Domestic Abuse is an assault on society as a whole and is a perpetual cycle that begins and ends with the individuals that make up each and every family unit—Domestic violence affects our economy, our health care system, our schools, our churches, our businesses, and the overall health of the community.

It’s time to take up our cross.

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”
Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”  (Is. 6:8).

On Saturday October 5th through Sunday October 6th, with a replica of the cross of Jesus on his back, Pastor/evangelist, David Ashley, founder of Cross Strength Ministries, will begin proverbially carrying the cross of victims and children of violence, throughout Wilson County, TN. Ending his treck at Charlie Daniels Park on Sunday, October 6th at 3pm. 

This event is meant to bring awareness to the issue and to symbolize every victim in Wilson County that has ever had to face this issue and will have to walk this journey alone— It also signifies our commitment to “carry our brother’s burdens,” as we forge ahead to build this facility for all families in crisis.

To donate/support this event—or for more information or book a speaker/educator

Please Contact Holly T. Ashley at Holly@Redemption3.com

http://www.CrossStrengthMinistries.org  and http://www.Redemption3.com

Redemption. Restoration. Recovery. (R3) Domestic Violence Services and Training is a division of Cross Strength Ministries. And provides domestic violence counseling and services to the victims and offenders of family violence. Redemption House is a project of R3 and Cross Strength Ministries. Cross Strength Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt, Christian organization. 

For a flyer on Project “Redemption House,” click here: Redemption House Flyer

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